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This month, GWOS is here to showcase one of the original "Future Garage" pioneers, Oslo based DJ/Producer; Clueless, who has played an important role in the 2-step, UKG sound from the start with early releases on seminal labels such as Brownswood, L2S Recordings and Night Audio. His music has played an integral part in shaping the genre into what it is today.

Clueless or 'the Mighty Clueless' frequently coined by his peers, is one of the most reputable remixers in the field, his dubstep remix of Adele's "Hometime Glory has garnered more than 1.7M views, is one of the most popular dubstep remixes ever. He has done remixes for Hybu, Hollow Legs, Darkness Falls, Pledge, to name a few. His own originals have been remixed by the luminaries like Whistla, Pixelord, to name a few.

Clueless's debut release on Great Wall of Sound is refreshing, futuristic, and nostalgic at the same time.

With his signature synths and stabby beats roped seamlessly with swinging basslines and lush vocals, 'Strut' is a futuristic Garage tune that set a premise to bring you back to the early 1990s dancefloor of Elephant and Castle.

‘Boom’ is an instant go-to-the-dance groovy track, driven by a warm bassline with hats and stabs riding above will hit the dancefloor pretty hard. - 'Boom VIP' ? Well, life can't get any better than this.

Supported by the heavies like Shadow Child, Zinc, My Nu Leng, Dusk & Blackdown to name a few, Clueless continues to craft his individual 2-Step sound that explores various realms of musical genres. Originally scheduled for a summer IBIZA Season release, but we decided to get you in the mood early, like NOW.

'Strut' and 'Boom' from the 'Boom EP' are now available in all good digital music outlets.


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